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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Natalie Out

Whether you are going out for coffee, dinner or a girls night, you really need to make Natalie your BFF. This stylish Cool Clutch bag is guaranteed to be the perfect companion when you wine, dine or party. Here’s five reasons why you should take Natalie out:

Natalie goes with everything!

Natalie is a classic grey colour that is characterised by beautiful speckled black dots. No matter your outfit, Natalie will complement you without screaming for all the attention herself. (That said, she has plenty of colourful sisters if you are after your fave bright hue).

Natalie is the perfect size

A hand held clutch can easily get dropped and forgotten and other bags are far too bulky for a night out. Natalie is the perfect size for all the essentials and even a light cardigan. She also has both short and long straps to suit whatever you need.

Natalie keeps her cool

Like all the Cool Clutch bags, Natalie is excellent at keeping things cool, or warm. Natalie has a handy exterior pocket for your phone and wallet and her entire interior pocket is aluminium foil lined. It works like a freezer bag but is oh so much more stylish!

There’s no dirt on Natalie

Natalie is the queen of cleanliness. Her Cool Clutch interior is easy to wipe clean with a cloth as is her vegan leather outside. She also has lovely tiny feet that keep the dirt off her bottom if you need to put her on the floor.

Natalie is a multi-tasker

Whatever you are up to, Natalie is the girl for the job. She can refrigerate your snacks, hold two bottles of wine, prevent your makeup from melting, and keep medication cool, just to name a few. No matter your situation, Natalie has got your back.

So that’s why you must take Natalie out for your next function! Stylish, practical, cool, clean and helpful - Natalie is the whole package. And she’s in it for the long haul.

Grab your own Natalie or check out her sisters via the Cool Clutch website.

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