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How to lose a follower in 10 days

This probably isn't a challenge you want to take up! You don't want to deter your followers but nurture your relationship with them. Just like we all cringed at Kate Hudson trying to lose Matthew McConaughey in 10 days, (completely nuts!) this will make you cringe too. Here's how to lose a follower, (or many social media followers) in just 10 days.

Day 1: Post something in the middle of the night when no one is online.

Day 2: Post something that is very aggressive in advertising your products or service

Day 3: Don't plan ahead for your social media

Day 4: Post something that is completely irrelevant to your business, rude and politically incorrect

Day 5: Post something that is long winded and riddled with spelling and grammatical errors

Day 6: Post the same thing you posted yesterday

Day 7: Post a picture that is of very bad quality

Day 8: Post something without a picture

Day 9: Post six times in the one day

Day 10: Post nothing for weeks

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