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Supporting Local - LSS Nutrition

Lisa Stanton-Smith is a clinical nutritionist, the director of LSS Nutrition and has long been a part of the Macedon Ranges community. She grew up in the area and has returned after a stint in Melbourne and overseas. Lisa works out of consulting rooms at Gisborne Health Essentials and provides her clients with nutritional consulting, workshops, seminars, educational guidelines on nutrition, sports nutrition, individualised nutraceutical supplementation and collaboration with other health professionals.

Lisa thoroughly enjoys living in this region due to the sense of community and the stunning environment. She feels that the locals are supportive, caring and compassionate both in businesses and on individual levels. As a promoter of healthy living, Lisa is a great role model and routinely takes to our visually spectacular region to utilise the great walking and running tracks alongside the local creeks and through the mountains.

Lisa’s business, though only in its first year, has already done so much for the local Macedon Ranges community. Her deep passion for nutrition and background in elite sport makes her the perfect candidate to lead our local athletes on a healthy path and to make the most of their talents. LSS Nutrition sponsors local clubs through sports nutrition talks as well as providing a sounding board for those who have any questions.

Lisa uses her expertise on how to fuel for performance and reduce risk of illness and injury to assist local rising stars as well as weekend warriors. Outside the sporting community, Lisa has provided similar seminars and assistance to personal training studios to allow them to understand nutrition better. Lisa is also active on LSS Nutrition’s social media platforms and enjoys debunking common myths so people may have a better relationship with food. She regularly shares recipes and her explorations of local landscapes to promote wellness in all aspects of our lives and to encourage others to nurture their physical and mental health. Lisa is aware that we are influenced by the people around us and she comments that “if together we make small improvements in health, the health of the entire region blossoms”. LSS Nutrition donates part of every consult to their charity partner BIG1. Through this they support a number of charities including Edgar’s Mission in Lancefield. (Edgar’s Mission is a not for profit sanctuary that rescues farm animals).

Not only does Lisa have an effect on local Macedon Ranges residents, she also supports other local businesses through collaboration with other health professionals, shout outs on social media to her favourite cafes in the region and by sourcing her coffee beans and produce locally. Furthermore, she is an avid visitor of local farmers’ markets which support our local growers. LSS Nutrition is also part of BNI Ranges Referral, a local business networking group which supports other business professionals in their growth and development.

LSS Nutrition’s dedication to the local region is clear and Lisa reiterates this by saying that the most rewarding thing about running a local business is the people she deals with. “We genuinely have an incredible group of people that live and work in this region. . . I’m grateful to be able to assist so many in supporting and improving their health”. Lisa notes that, for her, success is not about profit but rather “the amount of lives you impact”.

If you are in need of nutritional advice, why not support LSS Nutrition and give back to this business that is supportive of our local community and region?

Contact LSS Nutrition Phone: 0474113144  Email: Website:



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