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Supporting Local - MIBA

What is MIBA?

The word has got out that MIBA has arrived in the Macedon Ranges and it’s all thanks to local Riddells Creek resident, Kristy Moore. We’ll talk more about her soon. But first, what is MIBA? Well, it stands for Mums in Business Association and it’s kind of a big deal. Whilst new to Australia, MIBA has been going strong in the United Kingdom since 2017 and has network groups in over 100 countries with 34 000 members and counting. As the title suggests, MIBA is all about helping out mothers who are in business. MIBA came to Australia in 2018 and Kristy Moore, owner of Mummy’s Little Treasures, put her hand up to coordinate the Macedon Ranges group alongside running the Melbourne division. Kristy also has a large role in the Australian team.

Kristy Moore is the head of MIBA Macedon Ranges
Kristy Moore is the head of Macedon Ranges MIBA

MIBA gets mums

We all know that being a mum is difficult enough on its own, so how does MIBA support their mums in business? MIBA provides a child friendly networking environment for local mums or women in business. There is actually a designated space at the venue and activities provided to keep your little ones occupied during the meeting. And with the expectation that it is a mums networking group and that children will attend, the atmosphere is welcoming. Mums can rest in the knowledge that they don’t have to get babysitters or a miss a meeting because they have little ones. And, if babies or children do interrupt in a meeting, it is not an issue.

Women who attended the MIBA Macedon Ranges March meeting
The amazing women who attended the MIBA Macedon Ranges March meeting

Ongoing support

MIBA meetings are undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for local mums to network, empower each other and share knowledge. At each meeting a guest speaker shares their expertise with the group in the hope to educate them. Women who attend have the potential to grow their business in a variety of ways: through networking at the meeting; by sharing their expertise as a guest speaker; and through promoting their business by donating to the goodie bags or door prizes. The association also has an active Facebook group which provides members with another space to connect and support each other in between meetings, as well as listing the upcoming monthly events.

Tribe power

As women and mums, we are all aware of how empowering it is to have a tribe of like-minded people around us. People who understand the gravity of being a mum and running a business. When Kristy brought MIBA to the Macedon Ranges this was her vision. She wanted to support her local people and area. Indeed MIBA’s effects are far reaching. On top of what has already been mentioned, MIBA also supports local by utilising neighbourhood cafes and spaces to hold their meetings. Sometimes they source food for their events from these establishments as well. Kristy shares that she loves to ‘bring mums in business together (and) help support them in their business journeys”. From all the local mums and women in business, we can heartily say that we are grateful for her initiative in bringing MIBA to this beautiful part of the world.

How to get involved

If you are interested in attending the next MIBA Macedon Ranges meeting or joining the Facebook group, here are the details:

Plan for Social Media Success Workshop

10 am - 12 pm at Baringo Food and Wine Co, New Gisborne on Tuesday 30 April

MIBA Macedon Ranges Facebook Group

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