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Supporting Local - Peg Play Designs

Peg Play Designs sells beautiful, hand-painted, wooden toys that encourage imaginary play. The idea for Peg Play Designs began in 2018 when Haley Keating painted a gift for a friend’s daughter. She then painted a set of peg dolls for her boys. The hand painted dolls and other wooden toys are great to stretch imaginations, for small world set ups and sensory play. In effect, they are open ended toys, which means the child can choose how they use them. The toys come in a cute little bag and are easy to pop into a handbag to play with in the car or at a cafe. They are a refreshing alternative in our screen saturated lives. The demand for Haley’s beautiful brightly coloured toys encouraged her to turn her hobby into a business.

Haley is a long time resident of the Macedon Ranges, having grown up in Woodend. She now lives not far from there, in Romsey, with her husband and two children. Haley loves Romsey because ‘it is a small, quiet country town with a great community feel’. For that reason she and her partner believe it is the perfect place to bring up their kids.

Haley runs Peg Play Designs out of her home and at the moment it is a one woman show. She paints in the quiet hours of the evening when her children are asleep and finds it quite relaxing. Her products come in a wide range of sizes and colours and can be custom designed. Haley has had stalls at various local markets and she has also been proactive in donating her products to local groups for fundraisers and events.

Haley has also supported her local community by collaborating with various other businesses. She is currently working with Maria at Balloontopia in Romsey to create some new products. Haley utilises a local photographer in Kyneton who takes social media and marketing photos of her designs. She also enlisted another mum with a small business to create her logo. Haley says that is rewarding to know that she is creating something that will make children happy, help them to use their imagination and have fun while playing.

Why not support a local business who supports our local community?

Peg Play Designs’ online shop is now live if you would like to purchase any of her products:

Follow Peg Play Designs on social media

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