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Playing With Words: Which Blog Length is Best?

Does the length of your blog make a difference? SEO experts will say 'yes' and I tend to agree. However, the old adage of 'doing something is better than nothing' still rings true.

We have added our Year's Worth of Blogs Packages to our Products and Services page today and there are a range of lengths to choose from for some of these. We thought we would provide some simple points on each of these lengths so you can choose which is best for you, whether you are writing them yourself, or employing us to do it for you.

Why choose 300 word blogs?

* They are quick to read.

* The reader is more likely to take in all the information.

* They are more cost effective for some businesses.

* Every blog counts. A shorter blog is still effective and serves the same purpose as longer blogs.

Best for: Small businesses who need a cost effective solution or beginner bloggers. Keep it simple.

Why choose 600 word blogs?

* They are still relatively quick to read, especially if you hire a blogger who knows how to break down the blog into readable sections.

* You can obviously pack in more information than a shorter blog.

* The longer the blog, the more effective your Search Engine Optimisation.

Best for:

* Businesses with a marketing budget as there is more bang for your buck

* Businesses with a sound customer base who they can regularly feed new information (health and fitness professionals with recipes and current trends, bookstores with book reviews, retails stores with new product line descriptions)

Give your followers what they want.

Why choose 1000 + blogs?

* Around 1100 words is the ideal word count to improve your Search Engine Optimisation.

* You can put in all the information you require, especially about more complicated topics.

* More extensive blogs can still be readable if they are broken down into subtitled paragraphs and include photos or other media to break up extensive amounts of text.

Best for:

* Businesses and professionals with a dedicated customer base or definitive target audience who are hungry for information

The longer blog is also great for informative blogs which require a list of references attached.

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