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Supporting Local - Platinum Electricians Sunbury

Justin Bryce, managing director of Platinum Electricians Sunbury, is a family man running his business with his community at heart. From his home office in Gisborne, he services the Victorian North Western growth corridor of the Australia wide franchise group and strives to support the local community.

In late 2015 Justin and his family made the move from Queensland to the Macedon Ranges. This was perfect timing as their children were able to begin Prep the following year at a local primary school. Justin established the business in December of 2016, by which time his family had fully embraced the tree change. They had come to love the peacefulness of their semi-rural town and found the community welcoming. They regularly get out and about in the Ranges and surrounding areas. Justin’s family especially love walks through the bush with their dog.

Platinum Electricians’ work is currently centred around: supporting local families in their homes; working in the commercial sector to support business; and contract work. They are looking forward to branching into solar this year as part of their service.

Justin’s business goal is to maintain a family oriented feel to the business as they grow and to provide opportunities for young people in the regional community to learn the trade. They are currently meeting this goal by employing their first year apprentice who attended Braemar College. Similarly, they support the training of local school students and currently have Ethan, who is from Sunbury Downs College, doing work experience.

Platinum not only services the community with their exceptional electrician work but also supports locals in other ways. Justin’s family enjoy participating in their community; eating out locally; being involved in sporting clubs; and they always shop in town for groceries and gifts. Platinum uses local electrical suppliers in Gisborne and Melton and were the recipients of a $5000 Middy’s Education Scholarship for 2018. Platinum regularly collaborates with small businesses in the local area and contributes to the local business community through their commitment to the Macedon Ranges Business Network International (BNI) group.

Platinum Electricians also goes as far as supporting other communities abroad. They have a policy called One Van, One Child where each time they invest in a new van on the road, they sponsor another child overseas. Platinum currently supports two sponsor children and hopes to sponsor a third this year when they purchase another van. It is another great reason to use their service.

For Justin, the most rewarding thing about running a local business is becoming “known around the community for quality work” and their vehicles being recognised. Justin and his team at Platinum are also pleased that satisfied customers and other local tradespeople have referred work to them due to their excellent work ethic and outstanding service.

If you are in need of excellent service provided by an electrician who is reliable and punctual, consider using Justin and his team from Platinum Electricians. They are a local business who supports their community on a day to day basis.

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Phone: 1800 752 846

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